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10 Tips of Family Caregivers


Caregiving is hard and can leave us feeling alone and our mental health depleted.  Join a Compass Regional counsel for the 90 minute workshop to learn some tips on how to take care of yourself while taking care of others.


Compass’ specially-trained counselors, social workers, and spiritual counselors provide compassion and understanding to local families.  The five person team offers approximately 45 years of collective experience, working with those who are facing grief brought on by death; loss of a relationship; loss of health; loss of wealth; or any other major life upheaval. In recent years, they have started offering informational workshops to the community on such topics as “the importance of self-care”; “Grief 101”; “Care-giver’s support”; “emotional support for women”; etc.  Each counselor possess a special set of skills, that helps them provide emotional support to those who need it.


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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Adult Programs

Registration is required. There are 14 seats available.

Event Organizer

Andrea Boothby