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Ages: 5-15 years

Mermaids, krakens, and sirens, oh my! Have you ever heard of a mermaid, a kraken, or a siren? In this kit, we’ll discover more about these mythical creatures AND their real live counterparts! After long journeys, many sailors would return home with stories of ferocious and awesome sea creatures. We know now that some of these are fictitious or exaggerated tales, however there are many strange and wonderful creatures to discover in the Bay and beyond! In this kit, you will hear stories of mythological and real sea creatures and play a game to test your new knowledge. Then, create your own real or imaginary creatures out of recycled materials. Finally, go on a beach clean up to improve habitat for our real and imaginary Bay friends.

When registering for this event please indicate which library branch, Centreville or Kent Island, you prefer to pick your kit up from. You will be notified when your kit is ready for pickup at your requested branch.  All kits will be ready for pickup by the program date.  Each kit will contain a printed instruction sheet with directions. A video walkthrough for this event will be available on Facebook and Youtube the day of the event. If you have any questions, please call the library at 410-758-0980 or 410-643-8161 or email us at askqacl@qaclibrary.org

Friday, July 29, 2022
9:00am - 5:00pm
Take Home Kit

Registration is required. There are 9 seats available.

Event Organizer

Elaine Sarlo